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The city of Edinburgh has an immense number of things to do and it is almost impossible for residents and tourists to be bored once they know the facilities on offer. Perhaps you are unaware of the fact you can hire an escort for an afternoon or evening? Edinburgh Escorts can facilitate a date between you and the partner of your choosing so you will have someone to accompany you while sampling the delights of this amazing city.

Why Choose An Edinburgh Escort?

This is the #1 site in the city when it comes to finding companions who are classy, articulate and fun-loving. The Edinburgh Escort website is known for quality, choice and discretion. We have helped thousands of clients find their perfect date. Our website features beautiful, glamorous, classy and charming ladies who are generally based in and around the city.

As a result, we know everything there is to know about Edinburgh so if you’re new to the city or else you’re a resident who wants to discover something new about his hometown, our escorts are the ideal choice.

The goal of is to provide a professional companion platform for a host of social and business events including a relaxing evening, sporting occasions, dinner dates, the theatre and much more. We would ask you to take a close look at our website and view the services published by the escorts we showcase.

What Can I Expect?

As we have already mentioned, our escorts act as your ideal date regardless of where you want to go and what you wish to do in Edinburgh. We do not act as an escort agency but a free platform where you can discreetly contact escorts and make a private arrangement without the need for a middle-man.

We recommend all prospective clients, especially first time clients, to thoroughly browse our site to see what is available. We are confident that after this research you will know we are a reputable company offering an excellent level of service. Be sure to check out reviews for further validation.

Once you have found the right escort for you, get in touch with them to discuss the arrangement further. This is the time for you to make any special requests. We encourage all prospective clients to be as open as possible about what they expect and take the time to get to know the escort you are talking too.

The key is to stay calm and relaxed and treat the appointment for what it is; a date with a beautiful young woman.

Places to Meet in Edinburgh

As our escorts know their way around Edinburgh, you can ask them for advice on places to go but if you really want to impress a lady, it is best to have a location already picked out. Fortunately, the city has an almost limitless amount of choice but here’s some suggestions;

- Incall – If you are comfortable meeting your date in your hotel room there are plenty of beautiful hotels in Edinburgh with wonderful views and room service. A good Edinburgh escort will be discreet when visiting your hotel.

- Outcall – Some Edinburgh escorts allow you to visit them in the comfort of their own home. Dates are generally held in a girl’s home for comfort and security. Be polite and discreet as you would expect a date to be if she were visiting you.

- Lounge Bar – If you or your date would like to meet in a public place to have a quiet drink then Edinburgh is rife with choice. Recommendations include Opal Lounge, Le Monde, Balmoral Bar, George Street Hotel.

- Restaurant – If you are planning a dinner date then again you have an abundance of choice when in Edinburgh. Check out websites like Trip Advisor and remember to ask your date what she likes to eat beforehand!

Your Date, Your Choice!

The above are merely suggestions because ultimately, it is your choice where you go and what you do with an Edinburgh Escort. We respect the individuality of each client and understand different people have disparate tastes. Fortunately, Edinburgh is a city that caters for all tastes and needs. All you have to do is look through our website, find your ideal escort and get in touch with them direct to get the ball rolling.